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Is Email Getting in the Way of Your Business’ Productivity?

Thursday, August 16th, 2012 by Erin Peters

Google AppsOnce upon a time, POP was the gold standard for email accounts. When email was a simple feature we accessed from one computer, POP’s basic message retrieval service was all that most email users needed.

And in POP’s prime, IMC offered free POP email hosting and support for web hosting clients. POP email accounts were, at the time, well suited for our clients’ business email needs.

But as technology progressed, people began to access email from their desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets, and soon POP email accounts became outdated. POP only communicates in a one-way direction with email servers, meaning there is no synchronization across devices.

If you access a POP email account on your mobile device to download new messages, those emails are deleted from the server and can’t be accessed through your desktop client or your browser. And if you force the POP email server to save copies of your emails, the server quickly fills up and can’t receive any new messages.

POP email accounts only became more frustrating for our clients when they had to call customer support every time they wanted to change a password or create a new account. It became clear that POP email accounts weren’t the best way to serve our clients.

Luckily, there is an alternative that modern business owners can take advantage of.

Today’s forward-thinking business owners realize that POP email accounts are not a solution for productivity and are using IMAP email accounts.

IMAP email accounts are able to synchronize your inbox, sent messages, deleted messages and folders across all your devices, no matter where you want to access your email. This flexibility is crucial for today’s business owner.

Email and website hosting are two very different services that should always be hosted on separate servers. While Graphtek specializes in web hosting, we also recognize that no one does business email better than Google. That’s why we use Google Apps for Business as our own business email solution.

Countless business owners and former IMC clients have also made the switch to Google Apps for Business and haven’t looked back. Graphtek support technician Cole Slankard, who handled web and email hosting at IMC, says Google Apps gives users unparalleled control over their email and productivity:

“Google Apps really lets you take control of your domain and email. Anyone can benefit from it with all the different services they offer, whether you are just checking emails or are wanting to organize your day to day in one simple and central solution. Never has this much control been in the customers’ hands.”

Google Apps for Business provides a user-friendly email service through Gmail, allowing you to have email at your domain that synchronizes across your mobile device, desktop email client and browser. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, you always have access to your important emails, and built-in security and automatic backups mean you don’t need to worry about losing important data.

With years of experience in email hosting and web security, Cole says Google Apps for Business is the most secure and accessible email option for business owners:

“I enjoy the peace of mind that with Google my information and emails are always backed up and will never be lost. With syncing across all computers and devices I use, I always have access to what I need. The Google servers are reliable and will protect our domains from ever getting blacklisted or hacked, which is very important for any business.”

Best of all, the Google Apps suite increases your business productivity so you’re working smarter, not harder. Google Calendar allows you to easily view when your team is available and schedule meetings accordingly, while Google Docs lets your team share and collaborate on projects in real-time. Learn more about these features and more in the video below:


If you’re looking to increase your business productivity, there’s no better solution than Google Apps for Business. You won’t have to download any clunky software or upgrades, either. Upgrading your apps is as easy as restarting your browser.

Savvy clients who have already made the jump from POP email accounts to Google Apps for Business have told us repeatedly that they could never imagine going back to POP. As Google Apps users, neither could we.

Setting up Google Apps takes about half an hour, and once you make the switch, you’ll wonder why you didn’t move to Google Apps sooner.

Plus, Graphtek has partnered with the most knowledgeable Google Apps experts to provide additional support as needed. Whether you need basic support for less than 10 users or support for hundreds of email accounts, there’s a Google Apps package that will fit your business.

Former IMC clients, if you’re ready to ditch your outdated POP email account, strengthen your email security and boost your business’ productivity, call Graphtek today at (760) 341-4583. We’ll answer all of your questions and find the right Google Apps package for your business needs.

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