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Introducing Graphtek’s Support Team and What It Means for You

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 by Erin Peters

cole When you work with Graphtek Interactive, you’re more than just a client – you’re our partner. And together, we create and implement innovative digital solutions that meet your distinct objectives.

By treating clients like true partners rather than project numbers, our clients continually notice our services bring them steady streams of loyal customers, increased profitability and an unparalleled ROI.

But providing our customers with true value isn’t simply a pleasant accident. The Graphtek Interactive team works hard behind the scenes to ensure we serve our clients by the best possible means. We’re constantly examining the marketplace, new technology and our own practices to uncover ways we can become more efficient, save our clients more money and bring you more results. After all, your continued success is our bottom line.

To ensure your website remains successful long after it launches, we recently reevaluated our support services for long-term clients. We’re excited to announce a few changes to our support team that will help us streamline website redesign projects, boost project efficiency and provide the quality of support you expect from Graphtek Interactive.

The support team

After we’ve completed and launched your project, Graphtek Interactive’s support team will be your go-to resource for site changes, updates and redesigns. Lauren Cardiff, our client services specialist, will continue to be your main contact for on-going support after your website launches. Whether you need a small change to your navigation bar or a large redesign, Lauren is the person to call to get started.

To make your change requests a reality, we’ve brought Justin Pulsifer back on board as Graphtek Interactive’s support technician. A recent graduate of Palm Desert High School who has spent two spring breaks, two summer vacations and two winter breaks learning web development at Image Marketing Concepts (IMC) during high school, Justin has both the technical knowledge and practical experience to work with your website’s code and implement both small and large changes.

Finally, we’re excited to announce that Cole Slankard will be promoted from support technician to account manager. With Justin dedicated to the technical side of our support services, Cole will be able to focus completely on serving our clients in a project management role. With extensive technical and customer service skills, Graphtek President Kate Spates believes Cole is the best person to work with our ongoing clients.

“Cole’s sense of urgency and innate ability to prioritize on the fly makes him an excellent candidate for account manager. Being in web development & client support previously gives him a great understanding of what’s possible in technology,” Kate says. “He is also very patient and can help translate complicated technical jargon into easy to understand language.  I’m so delighted to have Cole in a more client-centric role on our team. “

After years of working one-on-one with clients at IMC, Cole is looking forward to returning to a client-oriented role at Graphtek Interactive.

“I have always enjoyed working with our clients. Everyone can relate to uncertainty about venturing into a new field, and in the fields of web design and web marketing, Graphtek’s goal is to make them accessible and understandable to all of our clients,” Cole says. “And for the clients who have already established their online presence, I will enjoy continuing to provide them with the excellent service they have come to expect.”

What it means for you

As members of our client services team embrace their updated roles with Graphtek Interactive, we invite you to do two things:

First, join us in congratulating Cole on his promotion. If you’re a former IMC client, Cole was probably provided you with support and worked on your site. If you’ve enjoyed working with him, please take a moment to leave a comment with your well wishes.

Second, think about the last time your website was updated. If it’s been a few years, there are probably a number of new standards and practices that we can implement to bring you more results. And again, if you’ve enjoyed working with Cole in the past, he can now be your project manager who brings your website up to date.

As the rare account manager who understands both web development and customer service, it’s easy to see why our long-term clients love working with Cole. In fact, Kate says Cole is her redesign guru.

“Because Cole can do a real quality check, he is my go-to person for redesigns,” Kate says. “It’s great to work with a project manager who has technical skills because he’ll not only streamline the redesign process, but he’ll also ensure your redesign is done right the first time.”

If you were an IMC client, Cole already has an intimate understanding of your site that will make the redesign process that much easier. If you want to improve your site’s design aesthetic, make your website easier to navigate or ensure it’s being found in the search engines, it’s time to redesign your site – and our support team can help.

We hope you’ll join us in congratulating Cole on his recent promotion. And if you’re ready to update your site so it continues to generate leads, conversions and profits, call the support team at Graphtek Interactive today.



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