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Twitter is Big for Business

Monday, April 29th, 2013 by Erin Peters

With over 140 million active twitter accounts, and 340 million tweets a day, businesses can’t afford to ignore this leading social network. Twitter is a constant and flowing conversation that is happening and it’s your choice whether your business wants to be a part of it.Twitter Business resized 600

A robust social media presence enhances your SEO results. Your Twitter account is no exception; these tweets support your digital marketing efforts by helping your business rank in search.

How to get started?

  1. Update Your Bio: Make sure to include keywords in your bio for SEO purposes. This bio is often displayed on the search results pages, so make it descriptive and accurate.
  2. Build Your Reach: The two primary search crawlers said their algorithms check the authority of every user tweeting content.
  3. Tweet for Retweets: While Twitter allows for 140 characters, make sure your tweets have 10-20 characters of space for “RT @ username”. Also, data shows that 120-130 character tweets have the highest clickthrough-rates (CTR).
  4. Link placement: Place links about 25% of the way through the tweet.
  5. Use action words: More verbs, fewer nouns.
  6. Data show that 15-25 tweets per day is the sweet spot for increasing following.

There are numerous ways to harness the power of Twitter. Here’s just a few –

–          Twitter Ads Center: Now, Twitter is reporting all engagements that Promoted Tweets receive, not just engagements that advertisers pay for. Their updated ads center now provides advertisers with more granular breakdown in campaign reporting. This visibility helps advertisers manage and optimize existing campaigns.

–          Promoted accounts: This can help your brand gain more followers by getting displayed in Twitter’s “Suggestions for You” feature. Build a community of advocates by getting in front of the right users. You can target by interest, geography and gender. And you pay only when people follow your account. Twitter ads also provides analytics in the “Promoted Accounts dashboard” and “Followers dashboard.”

–          Promoted Tweets: Have an upcoming event you want to promote? How about a product launch or website launch? Promoted tweets allow brands to spread their message in order to engage users and drive conversations. Promoted Tweets have a one to three percent average engagement rate according to Twitter’s advertising blog.  Only pay when someone clicks, retweets, replies to or favorites your Promoted Tweet.  To get started, visit Twitter for Business: https://business.twitter.com/

–          Hashtags: A Twitter hashtag is a word, abbreviation or acronym, preceded by the pound/number sign.  For example, #marketing or #microsoft is a Twitter hashtag.  Utilizing hashtags in Twitter is a powerful way to follow conversations on a particular topic. Similarly, employing a hashtag is key to organizing conversation around your brand. Hashtags make it easy for you to monitor what people are saying when they talk about you or your brand. Measure your reach and make tweets easier to find. Hashtags are key to making a splash on Twitter.

–          Tweet Chat: Sometimes known as a Twitter party or a Twitter chat, happen when a group of people all tweet about the same topic using a hashtag. These “chats” are at a specific time and could repeat weekly or monthly. there are a number of sites that allow you to follow the chat only and participate more easily, www.Tweetchat.com is one of them. Organize a tweet chat by choosing a relevant hashtag and a time to hold the chat. Let as many people know as possible. You will also need a mediator, or someone who answers and retweets the tweets within the chat.small twitter infographic 200x526 resized 600

Why Tweet?

1. You’re hip. Ultimately, using Twitter is evidence that your business is participating in social media and is in the now and a “with-it” kind of organization that people might be interested in doing business with.

2. Free branding, anyone? Think of it as a branding megaphone. You can customize the background that people see when they visit your Twitter account.  A growing number of companies are keeping track of what’s said about their brands on Twitter.  Still don’t think so?  Just ask @GM, @Starbucks, @Chevron, @AmericanAir or @SamsungMobileUS.

3.Twitter humanizes companies. Twitter makes anyone and any company accessible. Being on Twitter will give you opportunities to meet and talk to loads of people you would never get the chance to talk to otherwise. After all, people want to talk to people, not companies. Remember those chamber mixers where you gave out your business cards? Twitter is the networking tool of today.

4. Twitter gives anyone a chance to become an influencer. The “retweet” is word of mouth advertising, a way to get noticed and a personal recommendation.

5. Twitter is great for SEO! Twitter is real-time news and updates and search engines love new and relevant information.

Twitter allows you to engage with your customers and potential customers. Remember, communication is a two-way street.  It’s just not enough to have a website anymore.

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