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Graphtek sends well wishes to Justin!

Monday, June 17th, 2013 by Erin Peters


As a Web Support Technician with Graphtek, Justin Pulsifer is responsible for providing a variety of timely and accurate technical customer support. Graphtek hired Justin in 2012, recognizing his passion for technology and gadgetry.  Justin goes above and beyond to provide each of our customers the best possible website customer service. Justin Pulsifer

If you had email questions, an issue with your website or training for our content management system to update your website, it’s likely that you spoke to Justin.

At just 19 years old, he is leaving to pursue his education and find out what the next stage of his young life holds. Find out a little more about Graphtek’s support technician and help us wish him well!

Graphtek: How long have you been with Graphtek?

Justin: I’ve been with Graphtek for 10 and a half awesome months.

Graphtek: What exactly is your role with Graphtek?

Justin: I’m a Support Technician which means I answer Support calls and respond to Support tickets.

Grahtek: What are your plans for the summer?

Justin:  My plans for the summer are to work at a summer camp for 3 weeks. A few weeks after that I will be moving to Orance County to go to School.

Graphtek: When did you start getting interested in website support and computer technology?

Justin: I started to get extremely interested in technology around age seven. I was one of those curious kids who would end up taking apart the TV remote controller to see how it worked.

Graphtek: What do you appreciate/love about Graphtek?

Justin: I appreciate the people I work with so much and the amazing atmosphere they provide to work in.

Graphtek: Will you miss us? If so, what will you miss most?

Justin: I definitely will miss all of you! I will definitely miss the community here.

Graphtek: What do you find rewarding about your job?

Justin: I found the excited responses I received from clients to be the most rewarding. I always love making peoples days and if I can do that in the field I am most passionate about then I will probably be more excited than them.

Graphtek: Any funny/awesome moments since you’ve been here?

Justin: I think there are to many to count or remember. Almost every day working at Graphtek is funny and/or awesome! Like I said before the atmosphere here is amazing so every day here is  just as awesome as the previous.

Graphtek: Do you know if you’re coming back?

Justin: I have been in the Coachella Valley my whole life and I am dead set on living in a couple more places after Orange County so I just don’t know. Only time will tell, I won’t be coming back for at least another 5 years at minimum I can tell you that much.

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