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PPA Partners Website Launch – A Case Study

Thursday, September 12th, 2013 by Erin Peters

If you’ve been in business for any period of time, you know how important it is to have an online presence.  The internet is the world’s new market place.  But what if you needed a website launched fast and you don’t have months to wait for your site to be live?

The following are just some of the steps that need to be considered when launching a website.

PPA Partners logo

  • Navigation and wire frame

  • Color scheme and branding

  • Content

  • What about social media links?

  • Google Analytics should be installed

  • Title Tags and Meta Data

  • Install a favicon: this brands the tab in the user’s browser

  • Adding a sitemap

  • Testing: cross-browser checks

An established renewable energy consulting company recently came to Graphtek wanting an updated, clean and professional looking site. PPA Partners works to implement an energy generation strategy and financing options for projects and companies.

One of the numerous projects they were working on was The Center for Solar Energy in collaboration Texas A&M University-Central Texas. Graphtek worked with PPA Partners to develop a website for this project, which is a research and development facility that when completed, will be the largest in the world.

PPA Partners wanted to have a new site up and running by the launch of the CSE project. They had a good amount of press for the launch and wanted to make sure their new site was up and running to display the type of work they do to other potential clients.

Graphtek had all of the client assets (which is key!) and the Graphtek team started design on Tuesday June 25th 2013. The client hired a copy writer for the content (who worked to complete it over that weekend) and PPA Partners was designed, content inputted, programmed and live by the end of the day on July 1st.  This included a live news article feed from green technology companies. Great job Nicole!

That’s 5 business days, from start to finish!

At Graphtek Interactive, we work with our clients in optimizing the best approach to a website launch to give your investment the best chance for success.

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