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New Faces: Graphtek Interactive welcomes Heidy Hartley to the team!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Let us introduce you to the newest member of the Graphtek Interactive family, Heidy Hartley.  When Heidy joined our team as an Account Manager in late March, it was clear after the first week that both our team and clients had lucked out BIG TIME.

New to the Coachella Valley, Heidy had spent the past twelve years working in the marketing and communications field in Chicago.  No stranger to professionalism and customer service, Heidy represented the prestigious Moody Bible Institute leading their Corporate Communications branch.  She focused on web development, public relations and marketing, working with her teams on messaging for web, media, email and internal channels.

In addition to her professional work experience, familiarity with our industry and friendly nature, Heidy’s “can do” attitude never ceases to impress co-workers and clients alike.

Welcome aboard Heidy!

Learn more about Graphtek Interactive!

BIGHORN Golf Club uses new technology with website redesign.

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
BIGHORN Golf Club 

BIGHORN Golf Club, a gorgeous landmark located at the base of the mountains in Palm Desert, came to Graphtek Interactive for a website redesign. Their old site was created using Flash technology, which does not work with any mobile Apple products such as iPhone, iPod & iPad. They needed their site to be visually beautiful, yet functional across all platforms. Utilizing emerging technologies, such as a fully customized Content Management System (G|CMS) providing high level access to a broad range of media including high-definition images, responsive elements, dynamic content windows, custom video, and database connectivity to both members and non-members alike. Designed by Ed and Paul, implemented by Israel.


The Art Place in Palm Desert gets a website refresh

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
The Art Place Palm Desert 

The Art Place in Palm Desert, famous for their monthly Art Walk’s, refreshed their site as part of their monthly G|ROI program with Graphtek Interactive. Part of our ROI program is evaluating the current website and it was time to refresh after reviewing our analytics. In this new design, we utilized rich colors and organized the site in an easy-to-use format where users can easily find what they are looking for and it highlights all the stores in the center. Designed by Paul and implemented by Chris.

Costa’s nightclub at JW Marriott Desert Springs launches new website

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
Costa's Night Club 

Costa’s, The Desert’s Hottest Nightclub, contracted Graphtek Interactive to create an interactive website that would allow users to sign up to be “on the list” and give loads of information on upcoming events as well as join the mobile club.  Designed by Paul and implemented by Israel.

Surf the Musical: Marketing Campaign for Vegas Production

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
Surf the musical 

“Surf the Musical” might be hitting the stage in Las Vegas this summer, but the ‘60s surfer love story has Coachella Valley roots.

Graphtek worked with the producer of “Surf the Musical,” a full-time valley resident, to create the original artwork and website for the highly-anticipated musical hitting the stage at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas June 11, 2012. The producer worked with our agency previously and knew our creative resources and capabilities would create the perfect branding for the production.

Even more important for our client was the ability to be involved. By working with a local marketing agency, our client was able to have the hands-on interaction that one only gets by working with a local agency. His creativity wasn’t diluted by emails or Skype chats. Instead, he could come directly to our office to work with our creative team, going from concept to implementation without delay.

Because of our client’s accelerated schedule, we had to move very quickly to get “Surf the Musical” ready for its summer debut. The artwork for this project needed to span the generations to bridge the gap between ‘60s music and modern times. Not only did our artwork need to be multi-generational, but it would require the versatility to work in a variety of formats, ranging from video displays to traditional print.

While the project originally explored using royalty-free images and photography for marketing, we quickly realized that neither would be capable of setting the right tone for the project’s ‘60s surf vibe. It soon became clear that original illustrations would create the ideal face for “Surf the Musical.”

The illustration also needed to encapsulate the laid back vibe of California beaches in the ‘60s, and we needed an illustrator with just the right style to bring the concept to life. With Graphtek’s vast network of creative talent, we were able to quickly locate the perfect illustrator for the project.

As we worked to evolve the concept into an illustration well-matched for the show, Brooke was born. From her blonde hair and blue bikini to her red surfboard and quintessential tan, Brooke is the epitome of ‘60s surfer girl. The illustrated Brooke is now the face of “Surf the Musical” and adorns billboards, taxi cab toppers , video screens and printed materials.

As the face of SurfTheMusical.com, Brooke can also be seen on the Graphtek-designed site. Graphtek’s in-house creative team also drew inspiration from ‘60s surf culture to develop the logotype, which incorporates surf-style lettering and a chrome finish. With a solid website and versatile artwork in its marketing arsenal, “Surf the Musical” is ready to hit the Planet Hollywood stage on June 11th.

From branding and artwork to web design and SEO, our one-stop marketing agency has the creative resources and marketing expertise to grow your business. Discover how Graphtek can fulfill your marketing needs by contacting us today!

Recent Work: RandyWillardInc.com Gets a Website Redesign

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Randy Willard WebsiteIs there any fashion designer faux pas worse than having outdated collections on the brand’s website?

For men’s custom clothing designer and desert resident Randy Willard, who frequently styles and designs custom clothing for high profile athletes, releasing a new clothing collection meant his website would become outdated.

Willard, who designs custom suits for clients including Emmy Award-winning sportscaster Joe Buck, NBA player Grant Hill and former NFL player Kevin Carter, was frustrated with his website when he turned to Graphtek for help. He needed an easy-to-update website design that could keep up with his fashion forward collections.

He also wanted his website to be a strong tool to help sell the look that Randy Willard’s collections offer. We knew nothing could sell the Randy Willard look better than high quality fashion photography, but the existing website design wasn’t very photo-friendly.

“Randy has always had amazing photography but it had to be cropped to fit his old site,” Graphtek President Kate Spates said. “When we started the redesign, we wanted to make it so that the photography would be the center of the design.”

Keeping this in mind, Graphtek recently redesigned the Randy Willard website to focus on dramatic, full-screen fashion photography, allowing his products to speak for themselves.

And with Willard’s fashions constantly moving forward, we needed to ensure that his website could keep up with his new collections. To achieve this, Graphtek incorporated a user-friendly content management system into the redesign that will allow Randy and his team to easily change the website’s photos, headlines and content as needed. Collections can easily be changed out as soon as they become dated, and the CMS also allows Willard to update the “Events” page with information on the various charitable events and social functions he donates to.

Since Randy Willard is not only a designer but also a renowned stylist, we added a “Stylist” page that features his handpicked style pairings. As Willard says, a beautiful suit means nothing if not styled correctly, so his redesigned website provides plenty of visual inspiration on the art of styling.

The redesigned and recently launched randywillardinc.com is now an immersive men’s fashion experience that effectively sells the Randy Willard look by focusing on stunning photography that’s easy to update.

With summer being off-season in the Coachella Valley, it’s the perfect time to redesign your website. Whether you want to make a few functionality changes or completely overhaul your existing website, starting your website redesign during the summer means your perfect website will be ready for business this fall.

At Graphtek, we understand that there’s more to effective website design than templates and text. We specialize in custom-designed websites that work for your business, and we’re ready to help your website reach the next level. Whether you need website design, a site redesign or other digital marketing services, contact Graphtek today to discuss how a digital marketing strategy can benefit your business.

8 Tips to Be the Master of Your Domain

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Do you know the name of your domain registrar?

How about your login information?

Are you even the registered owner of your domain?

If you’re not sure, it’s time to take action. As a business owner, the loss of your domain could be devastating to your company. But by being proactive, you can prevent the potential disaster  of losing your domain.

Whether you worked with a web development firm or a freelance web designer, it’s up to you to ensure that you have full control over your domain name. Here are eight tips to be the master of your domain:


1. Know who your domain registrar is. Do you know which company your domain is registered with? You should, as you’ll need to go through the registrar to renew your domain or switch web hosts. A few popular registrars include Go Daddy, Network Solutions and Register.com. If you’re unsure, use a free look-up service such as whois.net.

2. Make sure you are the registered owner of your domain. Who owns your domain? You or the web developer that set up your site? All too often, we see clients come to Graphtek needing to reclaim domains that were registered to disappearing web developers. Fortunately, this can be prevented by proactively ensuring your web developer registers the domain under your or your organization’s name. Your domain is an integral part of your business and should never be owned by a third party.

3. Know your login information for your domain. One of the advantages of working with a web developer is that they’ll handle the setup and maintenance of your domain. This can be great—until you decide to switch developers or your developer disappears. Unfortunately, we see this happen a lot. Don’t let a web developer hold your site hostage—make sure you have the login name and password to access your account.

4. Keep your contact information current. If you no longer use the email address associated with your domain registration, you’ll never see the expiration and renewal emails your registrar sends. Not only is keeping your contact information current required under ICANN’s Whois Data Reminder Policy but it also helps prevent an unintentional lapse in your registration. Make sure the email address on file is one you check regularly so you don’t accidentally lose your domain.

5. Set your domain to auto-renew. Do you know when your domain registration expires? Most people don’t, and if you forget to renew your registration when it expires, you risk potentially losing your domain to another buyer. Don’t gamble with the rights to your domain name—opt for your registrar’s auto-renew option bills you automatically before your registration expires.

6. Set a registrar lock. Also called a domain lock or transfer lock, a registrar lock ensures your domain isn’t accidentally transferred to another owner. It also prevents your domain from being illegally transferred to another owner without your permission. With a registrar lock, the only way your domain can be transferred is if you log into your account and unlock the domain.

7. Avoid domain registration scams. Scammers love to target domain owners with false claims of domain expiration, such as Domain Registry of America’s recent domain renewal scam. While the company name may sound legitimate, they were actually sending false renewal notices that, if paid, actually transferred ownership to Domain Registry of America! Never respond to letters or emails about your domain registration, expirations or renewals from anyone except ICANN or your domain registrar.

8. Add domain privacy to your registration. If your registrar offers domain privacy for free or a small fee, we always recommend that our clients opt in. Domain privacy prevents your personal information, such as your name, phone number and address, from being publicly linked to your domain registration. If you don’t opt for domain privacy, your personal information could be used by scammers, identity thieves and direct marketers to target you and your domain.

As a full-service web development firm, Graphtek Interactive never holds client domains hostage. Whether you need help with an existing domain or are ready to set up your company’s web presence, contact Graphtek Interactive today to get started.

What’s the Real Deal with Checking In?

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Does this sound familiar? Your business has a Facebook page and a few check-ins on Foursquare but your audience isn’t growing. You can’t remember the last time you saw a new “Like” or check-in, and you’re wondering if it’s time to give up on the social media fad altogether.

Before you give up, have you thought about what drives people to click “Like” or check in?

The answer is simple: Deals.

The bottom line is people like to save money. If liking your Facebook page or checking into your location on Foursquare can help them save money, people will be more likely to click “Like” or check in.

These social media deals can also help bring a new customer base to your business. If you are a restaurant owner who promotes deals on Facebook, potential customers might see that special and change their lunch plans to come to your restaurant.

All because you offer an online deal.

With City Wok, a Southern California Chinese restaurant and Graphtek client, we use a few different social media deals to grow the restaurant’s brand recognition, audience and, ultimately, profits. For example, City Wok’s Facebook fans enjoy a weekly deal when they say the secret word found exclusively on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

And customers who check in on Foursquare get a unique special when they show their phone to their server. As an added bonus, City Wok rewards check-in loyalty by rewarding the Foursquare mayor (the person who has checked in the most over the last 60 days) with a special discount on their order.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when launching your social media deals:

  • Promote: Let your audience know they can get a special deal by checking in on Foursquare or liking your Facebook page. Consider putting a sign in your window or near your registers to let your existing customers know about your online promotions. And once customers start liking your Facebook page, communicate with your growing audience by engaging them and having conversations online. Don’t be afraid to cross-promote, either: City Wok’s Facebook page is regularly used to let fans know about Foursquare check-in specials.
  • Be Consistent: Offering consistent deals on Facebook or Foursquare will help build brand loyalty as your audience will begin to check your social media pages regularly. If you consistently have a weekly Foursquare check-in deal or Facebook promotion, you’ll also continue to attract new customers who find your specials while using social media. Graphtek has worked with City Wok to build a loyal audience by consistently offering new deals on Facebook and Foursquare each week.
  • Train Your Staff: When setting up your promotions, be sure to establish a method of internal communication that will keep your staff educated on the current deals and how customers can redeem them. It can be discouraging to customers when they have a difficult time redeeming a deal, but a painless redemption process will help build brand loyalty and bring customers through your doors time and time again. City Wok issues a weekly memo to its staff to ensure they are aware of all check-in and Facebook deals.
  • Track Results: As with any marketing strategy, you need to track results to measure the effectiveness of your promotions. How many customers are coming in and asking for the Facebook special? How many people are checking in to your location on Foursquare? Implement a method to effectively track these results. At City Wok, each promotion is redeemed through a unique code in the POS system, making promotion tracking a breeze.

Is your business ready to cash in with a social media marketing strategy that builds customer loyalty through check-in specials and Facebook deals? Contact Graphtek today to get started!

7 Essentials to Turn Your Website On

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

7 Essentials to Turn Your Website On

Congratulations! Your business finally has a website. After months of development, your site is online and ready to bring quality leads and new conversions to your business.

Or is it?

There’s a difference between website development and website marketing. Your site might be online but is it engaging and connecting with your audience? Is it being found by search engines and potential customers? Is your site serving a purpose?

In other words, is your website turned on?

Aside from showing off your corporate logo, your website needs to convert. When your website is turned on, it’s a powerful marketing tool that drives results. These seven essentials can help turn a frigid website into an irresistible marketing machine.

Be Engaging

Create and maintain a presence on the Web that accurately represents your brand and resonates with your target audience. The best way to engage your audience is to find your voice and use it well. Here are a couple of ways to create an engaging experience on your website:

  • Update Your Content: Well-written blog posts and informative articles can educate your audience and position your business as the go-to resource in your industry. Fresh content not only ensures your audience is engaged but can help boost your search engine ranking, too.
  • Analyze the Competition: Have you looked at the competition’s digital marketing approach? Learn from your competitors’ marketing hits and misses. Analyze their efforts to make sure you’re keeping up with the industry and constantly innovating.
  • Analyze, Measure and Strategize: Every marketing strategy needs to be based on analysis and measured for results. Your site’s analytics not only provide a baseline reading of its performance but can also show where there is room for improvement and help you measure a campaign’s results.

Be Found

Develop and implement interactive marketing plans that leverage a combination of analysis, analytics, SEO, PPC and targeted local search. If you give search engines the right data, they’ll find your site and index it properly. Here are a few ways to increase your site’s chances of being found:

  • Implement SEO: Look at your analytics, the marketplace and the competition to develop a set of keywords. While working toward organic SEO, you might consider running a pay-per-click campaign for keywords you aren’t ranking for. At Graphtek, we can also use tools such as a grader to uncover the best keywords for your campaign.
  • Use a Grader: Is your call to action the first thing your readers are drawn to? Are small code errors hurting your search engine ranking? Our graphics analyzer and grader can analyze your site and ensure your site is optimized for both your readers and search engines.

Be Connected

Build ongoing relationships by providing “must read” content that seamlessly integrates with your website blog and social media. Regular communication with your clients is the key to successful online marketing. Here are two ways to connect with your customers through your site:

  • Integrate Social Media: It’s a smart idea to link your social media accounts to your website. The trick, though, is to keep readers on your site, not on Facebook or Twitter. Rather than linking to third-party websites, embed your Facebook stream or Twitter feed directly onto your site so your audience stays with you.
  • Make an offer: What action do you want your potential customers to take and what result do you want to get? Put it on your website with a strong offer. One great strategy is to offer something of value, like a free white paper or report, in exchange for an email address or newsletter opt-in. Your offer should always be something that is given in exchange for customer information.

Is your website turned on yet? If you need some help, Graphtek has the magic touch. Learn how we can help turn your website on by contacting us today!

Database Dynamics launches new website designed and programmed by Graphtek

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Graphtek Interactive, Palm Desert, CA, is please to announce the launch of the Database Dynamics website. Designed and programmed by Graphtek Interactive, the new Database Dynamics website will be used as a an informational platform for casinos looking to increase traffic and cross-marketing opportunities within the casino itself. More specifically, Database Dynamics provides customizable and interactive gaming experiences targeting the interests of sports enthusiasts and Reality T.V. fans.

To learn more about Database Dynamics, please visit their new website now.

To contact Graphtek Interactive to learn more about their Internet design, programming and marketing services, please click here.