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Boulevard launches new website designed and programmed by Graphtek

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Located in the heart of down town Palm Springs at 800 N. Palm Canyon Dr., you’ll discover one of the Coachella Valley’s “must see” pristine vintage and contemporary home furnishings destinations. Inspired collections of vintage and contemporary furniture, lighting and art are displayed proudly – sure to captivate the attention of locals and visitors alike!

BLVD - Boulevard | 800 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs CA 92262

Clay Klein, the owner of BLVD – Boulevard, came to Graphtek Interactive looking to build a website to showcase (more…)

Hub Marketing West Launches New Website

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

The team at Graphtek Interactive is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Hub Marketing West.

Hub Marketing West Website http://www.hubmarketingwest.com

About Hub Marketing West:

Hub Marketing West is comprised of independent sales professionals working throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii. They represent some of the finest decorative and functional products – in addition to the best surface and functional hardware in the Woodworking and Architectural Design industries.

Graphtek Interactive’s Objective:

Glen Hall, owner of Hub Marketing West, approached Graphtek Interactive to design, build and manage a website to showcase his products and services to a network of first-class distributors and the most creative architects and designers in the Woodworking and Architectural Design Industry.

Mr. Hall’s wish list included:

  • A personalized, warm and professional greeting for visitors landing on the Hub Marketing West splash page

  • A splash page that acted as a portal to two separate sites – one for each of his target audiences – Distributors and Architects & Designers

  • Simple, intuitive navigation that allowed visitors to easily transition between sites

  • A dynamic, easy-to-manage system to display product images that resonate with each audience

  • A content management system that enabled the quick creation of new product content pages to display product information and imagery

Graphtek Interactive delivered: (more…)

Graphtek Interactive makes headlines with premiere of The Grazette

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Fuel for the interactive noggin, never looked so good!

Today, Graphtek Interacive launched its premiere edition of The Grazette – our very own e-newsletter chalk-full of Web Development & Interactive insights. While our talented team of men and women have a million things we’d like to share with the world (like Alan’s secret pizza recipe…Daren’s ability to channel Dr. Phil…or Jay’s heart-felt passion for the flip-flop) – we’ve decided to focus on themes specific to our professional skill sets – the things help our clients increase profits and grow their businesses.

The June 2011 inaugural edition of The Grazette features:

    • Exciting news for small to mid-sized businesses

    • Things you should know before jumping into the social media arena

    • G | CMS – a content management system that puts business owners in control of their Web presence

    • Web Development tip + Free White Paper

    • A client study on Hub Marketing West

    • Thoughts on interactive content development

Subscribe to The Grazette and get your monthly dose of Web Development & Internet marketing insights from the folks at Graphtek Interactive!

What is a Web Site – Part II (Design)

Friday, July 18th, 2008

In my last post, I talked about the discovery phase of website creation. In this post, I will discuss the designing of a website. The design process has responsibilities on both sides. As the client you are responsible for a short list of items:

  • Content for wireframe/screen mock-ups
  • Approval of the wireframe
  • Approval of the screen mock-ups

Now for a little further explanation.

The wireframe and screen mock-ups will ALWAYS looks better if they can incorporate as much real data as possible. To that end, the first thing we do is get content for the home page from you. What headline are you going to have on the home page? A simple, “Welcome!” or something more SEO friendly? Are the Events you have going to always be start- and end-time driven, or will they be all day events or a combination? Will your Press Releases have a summary or will you just want the ‘Entire Story’ to be on the site and use the Title to entice the readers.

A wireframe is a (more…)

Acid Tests

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

The Internet has truly emerged as a primary channel by which information is distributed and shared across the globe. This in turn has made the use of web browsers a necessity among the 1.4 billion internet users worldwide. Although a vast majority of these users pay little or no attention to the web browsers they use, there is an ongoing struggle between the web development community and browser companies to serve web pages to all internet users the right way. Right in the middle of this struggle are web standards and one of its more recent byproducts, acid tests.

Acid tests have become a widely recognized method for determining a web browser’s compliance with web standards as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium. Since the creation of the Acid1 test by Todd Fahrner in 1998, three tests have been released with the most recent being completed in March of this year. Each of the three tests has targeted a different aspect of the web and each test is further discussed below. (more…)