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Graphtek Interactive’s President Featured in Coachella Valley Vision

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 by Erin Peters

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Graphtek Interactive’s President, Kate Spates Featured in Coachella Valley Vision

Since we first began offering website development and digital marketing services 20 years ago, Graphtek Interactive put the Coachella Valley’s local creative community first.

While some thought it was necessary to go to Los Angeles or New York to find creative talent, we knew that simply wasn’t true. We knew—and continue to see—that talented developers, designers, marketers and more could be found right here in the desert.

So our goal was simple: Hire locals.

With plenty of raw talent here in the desert, it didn’t make sense to go all the way to Los Angeles for creative talent. Without local opportunities, we knew the desert would lose these talented minds to bigger cities with more opportunities. But if we could offer the necessary support, training and opportunities right here in the desert, we could keep local talent local.

So we did just that. For years, Graphtek Interactive has remained dedicated to hiring local talent and giving them local opportunities.

And this year, we’re excited to announce that our president, Kate Spates, is being honored as a visionary in the 2012-2013 edition of Coachella Valley Vision. The special publication by Palm Springs Life profiles local entrepreneurs and business leaders with a demonstrated commitment to strengthening, growing and diversifying the Coachella Valley economy.

In her interview with Coachella Valley Vision, Kate discussed the desert’s thriving creative economy and how it has been instrumental in building a successful desert business.


“There are so many qualified creative minds here that you don’t need to go to Los Angeles to source top talent,” Kate told Coachella Valley Vision. “I grew my own business hiring these people.”

Rather than focusing on years of extensive training, Kate scouted out raw talent and gave them the tools, training and opportunity to succeed in the website development and digital marketing industries.

“I tended to go toward the younger employees who were straight out of high school but have been touching technology since they were toddlers,” Kate said. “I thought if they had the right attitude and the right opportunity to apply that attitude, and they were resourceful, they could learn this.”

Kate also discussed ArtsOasis, a local organization committed to promoting and supporting the desert’s creative economy. By studying the local creative marketplace and discovering what creative talents are here, ArtsOasis is making sure companies in need of creative talent aren’t looking outside the desert.

With ArtsOasis organizing the creative marketplace through projects like its recent in-depth study of the desert’s creative economy, Kate believes there’s never been a better time to offer a creative service in the Coachella Valley.

And she encourages businesses to tap into the talent pool in their backyard before outsourcing to cities like Los Angeles.

“Unfortunately, I think large businesses think you have to go to L.A. [for creative talent] but truly, the talent is here,” Kate said. “They just don’t know about it yet.”

By working with ArtsOasis and continuing to provide opportunities to local creative minds, Kate and Graphtek Interactive will continue to strengthen and promote the desert’s creative economy.

Check out Kate’s full profile in Coachella Valley Vision here.



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