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What’s Going on at Graphtek? Meet Our Summer Intern!

Monday, July 9th, 2012

We love sharing our knowledge of digital marketing and web design with the next generation of influencers so every year, Graphtek speaks at local schools for Career Day. One of our favorite Career Days is held each spring at Palm Desert High School and has resulted in a number of interns coming to gain experience under Graphtek’s wing.

But this year’s story is a little different. Usually, we’re approached by interested students who introduce themselves and ask for one of our cards. This year, we were approached by a student with a real go-getter attitude: Sayra Lozano. Sayra not only asked Graphtek President Kate Spates for a business card but gave her one of her own! At that moment, Kate knew Sayra was something special—after all, how many high school students carry their own business cards?

Sayra’s go-getter attitude didn’t stop there. She immediately followed up with a resume and LinkedIn profile, further demonstrating her proactive and professional approach. We learned that Sayra already completed an internship with a local news station. Realizing the importance of gaining all the experience possible to stand out from the crowd, Sayra was pursuing a second internship before heading off to college this fall.

With her professionalism, ambition and eagerness to learn about web technology, we knew Sayra would be the perfect fit for Graphtek’s internship program. We welcomed our 5th intern from Palm Desert High School to the Graphtek team shortly after her graduation in June.

A week into Sayra’s internship, our team was already impressed with her development. Sayra started out by learning the in’s and out’s of server transfers from Graphtek’s web developer, David Drake. David couldn’t believe how quickly Sayra picked up complex processes:

“I’ve had the opportunity to teach her basic HTML methodologies and was pleased to see     that she picked up on the practices pretty quickly. We then moved her over to adding  websites to our host server using a process called Subversion and a Hosting Control Panel called ISPConfig. I had my doubts that, even if she seems quick and eager to learn, that  she would learn this process quickly as well. To my surprise, however, by the next day,  she was plugging away all on her own with only a few errors. That’s more than I can say for others I trained on the very same process. All in all, I am impressed and confident that she is learning from everyone here at Graphtek.”

Sayra attributes her positive experience with Graphtek to the passion she sees daily in our company.

“The best part of this experience is watching everyone work,” Sayra said. “They’re so passionate about their jobs that it makes it so easy to learn. And their passion for what they do makes me passionate, too. There’s not one job here that I wouldn’t do.”

Although Sayra’s excited to learn about all aspects of digital marketing, there are two things she really hopes to do at Graphtek: learn how to build a website from scratch and sit in on a sales meeting. We hope to offer both of these experiences and more this summer.

With weeks of hands-on training under her belt, Sayra said one of the most important things she learned so far was a life lesson from Graphtek’s CEO and Creative Director, Mike Cheley.

“Mike told me once that he hasn’t worked a day in his life because he loves what he does,” Sayra said. “That’s how I want to be one day.”

While Sayra’s still deciding what to study this fall when she starts attending Latin American Bible Institute, we’re confident this internship will help her discover her passion.

“She is very fast and bright,” Kate said. “Just like her future.”

Welcome aboard, Sayra!

New Faces: Graphtek Interactive welcomes Heidy Hartley to the team!

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Let us introduce you to the newest member of the Graphtek Interactive family, Heidy Hartley.  When Heidy joined our team as an Account Manager in late March, it was clear after the first week that both our team and clients had lucked out BIG TIME.

New to the Coachella Valley, Heidy had spent the past twelve years working in the marketing and communications field in Chicago.  No stranger to professionalism and customer service, Heidy represented the prestigious Moody Bible Institute leading their Corporate Communications branch.  She focused on web development, public relations and marketing, working with her teams on messaging for web, media, email and internal channels.

In addition to her professional work experience, familiarity with our industry and friendly nature, Heidy’s “can do” attitude never ceases to impress co-workers and clients alike.

Welcome aboard Heidy!

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