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Is Your Business Losing Out on Local Search?

Monday, February 18th, 2013

local graphicIt goes without saying that your business needs to be online. In this digital age, your company needs a website and social media accounts just to keep up with the competition.

But getting your business online is just the first step if you want to be successful in online marketing. After you get your website up, you need to be found. And if your ideal clients are a local market, they need to be able to find your business through local searches. (more…)

Graphtek Names Erin Peters as Digital Marketing Specialist

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Erin Peters Brings 15 Years of Industry Experience to Graphtek Interactive

Palm Desert, CA, February 14, 2013 – Graphtek Interactive announced that Erin Peters has been named Digital Marketing Specialist. Peters will design, create, and deliver digital marketing programs in order to support the expansion and growth of the company online services.
Erin Peters resized 600
“More and more of our clients understand that your efforts do not stop when you launch your website.  This is the point where the magic happens and you begin to see results from the money you invest in creating the best possible online presence in your industry.” President, Kate Spates, said.  “At the speed we are growing and the rate our clients are hiring us to help them with their digital marketing, we needed to find someone who truly understands the digital marketing landscape and how companies can have success.  We found that in Erin.” (more…)

Recent Work: Business Benefits of a Web Application

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

west coast turf

Is your business using its website as an effective tool to accomplish tasks, increase efficiency and reduce your company’s overhead?

Did you know your website could do all of that and more?

While a traditional website allows users to read and digest information, a web application helps accomplish a specific task. A web application can not only help your company accomplish certain tasks but it can also help your company accomplish them more efficiently by automating and streamlining your workflow.


Graphtek Interactive’s President Featured in Coachella Valley Vision

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

pslife Kate new

Graphtek Interactive’s President, Kate Spates Featured in Coachella Valley Vision

Since we first began offering website development and digital marketing services 20 years ago, Graphtek Interactive put the Coachella Valley’s local creative community first.

While some thought it was necessary to go to Los Angeles or New York to find creative talent, we knew that simply wasn’t true. We knew—and continue to see—that talented developers, designers, marketers and more could be found right here in the desert.

So our goal was simple: Hire locals.

With plenty of raw talent here in the desert, it didn’t make sense to go all the way to Los Angeles for creative talent. Without local opportunities, we knew the desert would lose these talented minds to bigger cities with more opportunities. But if we could offer the necessary support, training and opportunities right here in the desert, we could keep local talent local. (more…)

11 Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Friday, December 7th, 2012

social media mistakes If you’re a business owner, it’s likely your company is using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and maybe even FourSquare. After all, businesses have to be on social media, right?

Well, not exactly.

While social media has the potential to be a successful marketing tool for your business, it can also do more harm than good if you aren’t doing it right.

Graphtek Launches Redesigned Website for the Humana Challenge

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

humana challengeEvery January, the PGA Tour stops in our backyard, bringing hundreds of professional, amateur and celebrity golfers to La Quinta’s most pristine golf courses.

They come to participate in the Humana Challenge, formerly the Bob Hope Classic, which is the PGA Tour’s first West Coast stop. In partnership with the Clinton Foundation, the Humana Challenge brings more than just celebrities and golf pros to the desert—the tournament also raises millions of dollars for local charities while championing its key messages of health and wellness.

Our relationship with the tournament and its organizers has been more than 14 years in the making. While we’ve worked with the tournament to build their web presence since 1998, our very own president, Kate Spates, was a Bob Hope Classic Girl in the early ‘90s!

Throughout the years, our partnership with the Bob Hope Classic and the Humana Challenge has been built on trust, experience and dedication. We’ve been known to stay up until 3 a.m. during tournament week to publish updates, ensuring event organizers don’t have to worry about website updates during the whirlwind that is tournament week.

And considering how important this tournament is to our desert, Graphtek is truly honored to continue working with the Humana Challenge organizers year after year.

For the upcoming 2013 Humana Challenge, we recently finished a complete website redesign that will serve the tournament’s needs for flexibility and real-time updates better than ever before.

The Humana Challenge website works in three phases: Pre-tournament, tournament and post-tournament. To easily transition through these phases, the website needed a flexible platform that’s both adaptive and easy to update. By implementing the Graphtek CMS, our team and the tournament organizers are able to easily update content, add photos and change featured pages.

“Our biggest focus for the Humana Challenge website was to give it the ability to adapt to tournament week,” said Jamie Steinberg, Vice President of Online Marketing and project manager for the Humana Challenge site. “The Graphtek CMS allows us to do just that. We also implemented a Javascript highlight reel that allows us to push important updates as the tournament unfolds.”

In pre-tournament mode, the website is focused on our client’s key goals: Securing sponsorship, finding volunteers, selling tickets and generating publicity.

With its flexible platform, the Humana Challenge website will easily transition into a live tournament site in January. With the Graphtek CMS, we can post photos, scores and other updates from the courses that will keep visitors engaged, interested and informed.

We’ll also be able to post crucial updates, like parking information or last-minute weather cancellations, to help improve the tournament experience for attendees.

And once the tournament winner is decided, the front page can be updated within minutes to announce the 2013 Humana Challenge winner. Post-tournament, we’ll be able to transition the website to focus on highlights, wrap-ups and final announcements.

We also wanted to ensure the website would draw younger generations to the tournament, and to that end we focused on designing a tech-forward and more youthful website. The website will now feature direct feeds from Twitter and the PGA. We also designed a mobile site to engage the sizeable number of people who search for updates from their smartphones and mobile devices.

We live and breathe the Humana Challenge during tournament week—and we can’t wait to see what the 2013 tournament brings. During each tournament, we immerse ourselves in both the tournament and the website, handling live changes and updates so the tournament organizers can focus on the excitement of the Humana Challenge.

With experience designing and managing websites for events like the Humana Challenge and the annual Tour de Palm Springs, we know how much work goes into building an event’s web presence. We understand that your website needs to generate buzz months ahead of the actual event. And once your event is finally here, we know website updates will probably be the last thing on your mind.

And that’s why we’ll have you covered.

If you have an upcoming event and need a website that generates interest, keeps your attendees informed and stays updated with the latest information, contact Graphtek today. We can help.


Introducing Graphtek’s Support Team and What It Means for You

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

cole When you work with Graphtek Interactive, you’re more than just a client – you’re our partner. And together, we create and implement innovative digital solutions that meet your distinct objectives.

By treating clients like true partners rather than project numbers, our clients continually notice our services bring them steady streams of loyal customers, increased profitability and an unparalleled ROI.

But providing our customers with true value isn’t simply a pleasant accident. The Graphtek Interactive team works hard behind the scenes to ensure we serve our clients by the best possible means. We’re constantly examining the marketplace, new technology and our own practices to uncover ways we can become more efficient, save our clients more money and bring you more results. After all, your continued success is our bottom line.


Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing for Businesses

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Blog inbound outboundInbound vs. Outbound Marketing for Businesses

There’s no question that marketing campaigns are crucial for businesses to generate leads and increase sales. Although there are many types of marketing campaigns and strategies, most marketing efforts fall under two categories: inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Of course, not all marketing strategies are created equal. So, how do you know if your company needs to focus on inbound or outbound marketing?

First, let’s take a look at the differences between inbound and outbound marketing for businesses. (more…)

Recent Work: Graphtek Redesigns the Tour de Palm Springs Website

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

tour de palm springsEach February, thousands of cyclists from around the Coachella Valley and across the country get behind their handlebars to participate in the Tour de Palm Springs. Open to all ages and skill levels, this annual event isn’t just an opportunity for a fun and scenic bike ride—it also allows riders to challenge themselves to go further and do better, whether they’re a first-time rider or an old pro.

The ride doesn’t just benefit cyclists, either. Since 1999, the Tour de Palm Springs has raised more than $1 million for more than 150 Coachella Valley charities.

As such a dynamic and energetic event, it was little wonder that the Tour de Palm Springs organizers wanted a website that could keep pace. Coachella Valley digital marketing agency Graphtek Interactive was honored to provide a custom web solution for such an important local event.

Graphtek knows that collaboration is crucial in developing a strong online presence that encompasses both the client’s visions and the savviest digital marketing strategies. To that end, our team appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with CVSPIN Executive Director Andrea Spirtos, whose proactive approach ensured the new Tour de Palm Springs website embodied the Board’s visions. The client’s enthusiastic involvement also ensured the redesign was a fun and stress-free process that was completed ahead of schedule.

“The site went live on July 16, and I have to say that it was the most fun I have had working on a site!” said Heidy Hartley, the project manager for the redesign.

Being that the Tour de Palm Springs is such a dynamic and high-energy event, Graphtek’s team of web designers and developers set out to create a web presence that could keep up.

“We wanted to channel the excitement of the ride into the Tour de Palm Springs web experience,” Heidy said. “It was great fun to work with the designers to explore the possibilities and I think we were successful in achieving this!”

To bring the event to life on the Tour de Palm Springs website, Graphtek’s team wanted to illustrate the spirit and energy of the ride with event photos and images. The new Tour de Palm Springs website has photos throughout the design, including rotating images on the home page and banner images on each page.

“The variety of pictures and images throughout the site help capture and communicate the energy that this event generates for the thousands of riders and volunteers involved each year,” Heidy said.

Graphtek’s redesign of the Tour de Palm Springs site also focused on making the website relevant year-round instead of just during the weeks leading up to the event. To achieve this goal, Graphtek’s team reorganized the site content to make it more evergreen. Now, the site’s primary navigation includes links that help tell the Tour de Palm Springs Story, such as About the Ride and Previous Tour.

The primary navigation also includes a tab for the upcoming 2013 Tour de Palm Springs ride. Visitors can register for the ride, check out the Tour de Palm Springs routes, find accommodations or become a sponsor. With so much available for visitors, the event website is now a powerful marketing piece for Tour de Palm Springs.

Does your organization or business need a custom website in its marketing arsenal? Contact Graphtek today to discover how our custom web development anddigital marketing solutions can help meet your goals.


Trends, Tipping Points & Cultural Scouts, Oh My!

Monday, August 27th, 2012

The face of digital marketing is constantly changing—so quickly, in fact, that it might seem impossible for the average business owner to keep up.

But if you’re not keeping an eye out for the latest digital trends, your marketing strategy is doomed to be outdated and unsuccessful. Trends not only influence and change our culture, but ultimately define successful marketing strategies, too.